Plasma therapy for Coronavirus? How effective it is in preventing Covid-19

There is no prescriptive drug that will stop the flow of coronaviruses. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, many countries around the world are trying to find specific treatments for it. Specialists and physicians are constantly experimenting. Researchers and physicians have conducted many research therapies to treat coronavirus patients. Convalescent plasma therapy has already been heard. A new therapy called ‘Convective Plasma Therapy’ (CPT) was recently introduced at Houston Methodist Hospital in the United States on patients who tested positive for Covid-19. At present, doctors in many hospitals in Delhi are trying to treat COVID positive patients through plasma therapy. However, plasma therapy on a corona patient in Delhi has been successful in first aid.

The use of plasma therapy for the treatment of coronavirus is being used not only in Delhi but in many other countries of the world. Apart from India, it is being used in many countries including America, Spain, South Korea, Italy, Turkey, and China.

Plasma therapy

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According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the process of convulsive plasma therapy has long been used to treat patients. It has previously been used to treat patients with SARS-CoV in 2003, H1N1 in 2009-2010, and MERS-CoV in 2012. And, since SARS-CoV has a lot in common with COVID-19, this therapy may prove to be effective and safe. However, more clinical trials are needed. If the clinical trial of PT is successful, the blood plasma of patients recovering from corona will be useful in the treatment of other patients with COVID-19 disease.

What is Convective Plasma Therapy (CPT)?

Convulsive plasma therapy is a medical procedure in which the blood plasma of a person who has recovered from the coronavirus is injected into the body of a newly infected or critically infected COVID positive patient. According to doctors, plasma containing antibodies can increase a patient’s immunity. Plasma is 55% of the human body. This plasma can boost the body’s immune system by producing antibodies and prevent any infection. Plasma is taken from the blood of a person who has recovered from a corona infection and is injected into another corona virus-infected patient.

In fact, the body of a person recovering from an infection develops the ability to fight against the virus, meaning that the person recovering from a Covid-19 infection is able to make his or her own plasma virus-resistant antibodies. Therefore, if the plasma of the recovered person can be applied to the infected body, then the patient’s body cells will continue to fight against the virus by using that antibody as a tool. This plasma is called convective plasma.

Plasma or plasma is separated

Plasma or plasma is separated from the blood of a person recovering from an infection. 400ml of plasma is removed from the body of the person recovering from the infection at once. This 400ml plasma can be given to the body of two infected people. China has succeeded in using plasma therapy after the coronavirus case came to light in China. Plasma therapy was also used in areas of China where the number of coronary heart disease cases was high, with positive results.

Plasma therapy also worked to prevent SARS, Mars, Ebola PT has been used to treat many serious diseases before. Previously, this plasma therapy has been used to treat many diseases such as SARS and Ebola. Many serious diseases related to the virus have been treated with this therapy. This therapy was applied in 2003 when the SARS epidemic occurred.

SARS was treated in 2009 with plasma therapy to prevent the dreaded H1N1 infection, which was successful in most cases. Similarly, in 2014, PT was used to prevent dangerous viruses such as Ebola. The World Health Organization (WHO) then approved the use of plasma therapy to prevent Ebola. Plasma therapy was also used in 2012 to prevent infection with the Mars virus. While this therapy may not cure all types of infections, it has been used to treat many infectious diseases.

Plasma therapy

How CPT is done is a very fast process. Blood collection and plasma removal are done in two ways –

1) The whole blood is collected and then the plasma is separated from it.
2) Plasma is extracted directly from the blood using an apheresis machine, the remaining blood is sent back to the blood donor.

Benefits of Convective Plasma Therapy

  • It can prevent infection in people who are weak or at high risk of disease.
  • This procedure is effective in reducing the patient’s symptoms and the risk of death.
  • It is more effective in disease prevention than treatment.

What is hydroxychloroquine? That’s why the US claims to treat Covid-19. Is it effective to fight Covid-19?

Convulsive plasma therapy cannot be described as an effective treatment for Covid-19, but it can be said to be helpful for patients. However, the effectiveness of this therapy is still unknown.

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