How to exercise at home and keep fit – You don’t need to go to the gym

How to exercise at home ” There is no one who does not want to maintain fitness. You will hear many of us say – “I’m going to the gym tomorrow”, or “I’ll go to the gym next week”. But if you search, you will see that the person is far away in the gym, he did not even go near the edge of the gym. So lately, the situation is such that when someone tells us to go to the gym, we smile. Because I know that the action ends in the middle of saying. Nowadays, it has become fashionable to say ‘I’m going to the gym’ to someone while chatting or talking on the go.

Exercise at home

Meanwhile, many were rushed to the gym in a hurry, influenced by thought. The results show that the relationship with the gym does not last very long. No one is getting the real benefit of the gym just by going to the gym without any plan and without realizing the necessities and benefits of the gym. But at the present time gym can be an important item to keep yourself fit. But in a busy life, going to the gym and exercising regularly is quite a problem. To get the most out of the gym, you need to spend at least 3-4 hours a day in the gym. Thus it becomes difficult for us to find the time. But there is nothing to fear. There is another solution for us.

But if you want, you can buy some small tools and make a mini gym inside the house. Many can wake up in the morning and practice regularly. Or a little gym can be done after eating back home at night.

Make a mini gym at home for exercise

Surely you are afraid to buy heavy equipment to do the Exercise? Not at all! What is the benefit of buying heavy equipment? We have to use those over time, which we do not have. With a little money, you can buy a lot of small and useful tools that will help you to make a living. If you can use it regularly, you will get more benefits than doing gym. Many people may be afraid of spending money. But brother, you have to do a lot to protect your health. Money is not a big deal there.

How to Exercise at home

What tools can be purchased for exercise?

Here are some fitness tools that are very low in price and very easy to use for exercise at home. The tools are:


Using all this equipment, you can easily maintain your gym-like fitness by sitting at home and exercise. But the question is where to buy? Now let’s come to that context.

Where to find good quality fitness tools?

It is best if you go to a science lab or a sports item market in Gulistan. Here you can buy various fitness tools in any store. However, all these items are not very good in terms of quality. You will find all these products on various eCommerce sites or online shops. However, the quality of local site products is not good. I myself have suffered in this matter. It is better if you can buy from any foreign website. You can buy good quality tools at very low prices on Amazon, Ali Express, or eBay. Surprisingly, these original tools will cost much less if you buy them from abroad without buying them from local stores. If you want, you can buy original tools from the Indian Sports 360 Degree or Khel Mart. How to buy it?

Why do you need to exercise at home?

Those who work at the desk in the office, know that they do not sit at the desk all the time. Get up from the chair occasionally. Take a short walk for 10-15 minutes after lunch. In order to maintain fitness, you have to take care of yourself in the workspace. Speaking of which, get up from the desk once an hour, walk and sit again. According to experts, a person should eat six meals a day. Three meals a day, and three meals a day. Those who work 8-10 hours a day need to focus on breakfast. Have plenty of fruits, carbohydrates, and protein for breakfast. These will give you energy throughout the day. Carbohydrates are very important for the body. It acts as fuel for the body. Put some protein in the diet. This is because protein slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates.

As a result, energy is stored for a long time. However, avoid refined carbohydrates such as cookies, chocolate, honey, etc. Refined carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels. At the same time it produces excess insulin in the body, which is one of the causes of fat accumulation in the body. Put some healthy snacks in the bag with lunch. Different types of nuts and fruits can be kept instead of frying. The body should drink enough water to manage its internal activities properly. Make a habit of drinking half a glass of water every 1 hour. It will keep you fresh and free from fatigue.

How to exercise at home?

Now let’s talk about how to exercise at home. Walk at least 20 minutes a day or run on an empty path in the morning. If you don’t have time at all, you can do it at least two days a week. Create a chart if possible. Keep notes of what you learned from the process. Check back after a month. How much you have improved or not at all. Many people do extra exercises to get fit quickly. Be aware, however, that you do not need to exercise more than 1 hour a day. At the same time, if you do not exercise with pleasure, you will not get results.

Does Cole need to follow the instructions to exercise?

Before you do anything, you need some thought and a target. Otherwise, the evaluation of the outcome of the work to be done is always hidden. Similarly, those who are going to the gym regularly or are thinking of going to the gym to bring beauty to their physical fitness should plan before going to the gym and realize its requirements. You can then follow the tips below to reach the goal of going to the gym.

  • Plan your fitness before entering any gym.
  • Of course, try to get admitted to a gym near home for exercise, it will be a very good time management. Also, take the time to choose a gym and get admitted to a gym that offers the highest service.
  • The first thing you will do when you enter the gym is to share your fitness goals with the gym trainer and follow the line-up given by the trainer accordingly.
  • Use fitness equipment in the presence of a fitness expert to avoid accidents. If you have problems using any equipment, consult an expert.
  • Many people make a mistake – go to the gym in casual dress. That’s not right. You pick the necessary things for the gym including specific clothes, shoes, towels, bags, and keep them with you while going to the gym.
  • Slowly increase the time in the gym without rushing. This will allow the body and mind to easily adapt to the exercise.
  • You must always follow the diet given by the gym trainer or consultant.
  • If you do the gym in the morning, it is better not to go to work directly from the gym. First, take some rest back home after exercise. Then go to your office or work.
  • Whenever you go to the gym in the morning and afternoon, pay attention to time management.
  • Going to the gym is regular. If you have too much work stress, try going to the gym at least three days a week.
  • Don’t make a mistake at all. Don’t stop going to the gym suddenly. Instead, go back and forth for a few months and see that it has become an essential part of your daily routine.
  • Doing gym is a matter of patience. Nothing is happening, it will not happen to me keep a positive attitude and patience towards exercise without thinking like this.
  • Be sure to keep yourself committed to maintaining fitness. Exercise regularly at home or at the gym.

Why maintaining fitness is most important to us | hep2go |

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that fitness is a one-size-fits-all affair. If you are a muscle man, you need to exercise at least 4 hours every day to maintain that muscle, but not freehand! If you are interested in maintaining normal fitness then time is not an issue. Many people work, do business and sleep only 4 hours a night, but he does not break his daily exercise routine. It will actually give priority to your goodwill and interest in staying healthy. if you don’t want to go gym daily then do exercise at home.

Managing one’s time is one of the main responsibilities of a person in this worldly life. With just 40 minutes of brisk walking every day, a person can maintain his normal health and innate agility. It could be waking up in the morning or at lunch or 40 minutes after eating a little dinner back from the office. I walk at this time myself. I feel lazy to walk in the morning, I will sweat in the afternoon, after thinking so much, I thought, if you want to stay healthy, since you have to walk, you have to eat by 8 pm and go out at 8.40 am.

health and fitness

On the day when there is any adulteration or it is late to leave the office, even if I get a little less sleep, I just walk or cycle. These 40 minutes tied every day. No indifference should be allowed to keep the body healthy. Health is the root of all happiness.

I hope this post of mine has benefited you a little bit. Thanks so much for wearing it.

Why buy fitness tools from foreign sites?

Suppose you want to buy a Cougar brand Hand Grip. If you go to Bangladesh to buy these original tools, the price will be – 2 thousand rupees. But even then, there will be doubts about whether the bat is real or fake. But if you want to buy this bat from Amazon, then your price will be less than 2000 rupees!

fitness equipment

You can visit the gamemart site and see this tool: Cougar Super Hand Grip

The original tool will cost only Rs 300 in Indian Rupees. If you add taxes and other expenses, you will get the tool for less than Rs 1500. Moreover, you can set the color, drawing, weight, etc. as you like. Order at home for doing exercise, the tools will come to your address. But it will cost a lot more to buy in Bangladesh. So what is standing? Buying in the country is becoming affordable. Then why is it late? Order and bring your favorite tools today.

But how to order? That’s the way it is.

How to buy a bat directly from Amazon, Ali Express, or Flipkart in Bangladesh?
There are two ways!

  • Buy bat by paying with MasterCard or Visa card.
  • Bangladeshi buys by contacting any importing company.

Buy with MasterCard

If you, your relatives, friends or any of your acquaintances have a MasterCard, you can order any product with his card. However, many people will get into trouble when they go to buy with MasterCard. Because just as it is difficult to get a MasterCard from Bangladesh, loading money into a MasterCard is also quite a hassle. There is no way to directly convert from money to dollars. You can buy dollars on cards with money from freelancers. There is also the risk of being deceived. There is a solution to this problem!

QCard, a specialized virtual MasterCard provider, has started its journey in Bangladesh. It is basically a New Zealand company. In Bangladesh, they have released a special kind of virtual QCard. You can use this card just like MasterCard. Not only that, but you can also order any product from Amazon, Ali Express, or eBay by card while sitting at home, and it’s easy for exercise. Moreover, the card can be recharged with the help of bKash or Rocket. Learn more about this: Online payment Bangladesh

Purchased from the importing company

There are several companies in Bangladesh that import products from outside the country on a wholesale and retail basis. With their help, you can bring your product. This will reduce costs and ensure safe delivery.

Bangladeshi e-commerce site Top All Brand has come up with a great opportunity for this. The site allows you to order any product you like from Amazon or Ali Express or Flipkart. They will import the product for you.

I hope this article has benefited you. Thanks for bothering to read.

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