Corona Virus | How horrible virus And What UNICEF doing for this virus?

26-Anchovy – also recognized as the Novel Corona Virus – has been controlling the media headlines lately. The virus is increasing quickly in various parts of Asia and beyond. As a general safeguard, you can decrease the risk of infection and feast of the virus.

How horrible is this Corona Virus?

As with other respiratory illnesses, the virus can also show mild symptoms including colds, coughs, sore throats and fever. The infection can be fatal for some people. It can also reason events for example pneumonia, breathing and organ dysfunction. However, in rare cases the disease is fatal. Older and already sicker people are at greater risk of becoming critically ill as a result of the virus infection.

Should I wear a medical mask in the Corona Virus?

Medical masks help to keep the spread of the Corona Virus and other diseases at a limited level. However, using it alone is not enough to reduce the infection. Regular hand washing and non-contact with a potentially infected person are the best ways to reduce the risk of infection.

Are children at risk in this bacterium?

People of any age can be infected with the virus. One thing to the reminder, is that no casualties have been stated up to now in children infected with the coronavirus. The virus can be deadly, particularly in older people.

However, the virus has an indirect effect on the poorest children in urban areas. These effects comprise the end of schools, which have just been seen in Mongolia.

“This Corona Virus is spreading at an alarming rate. It is important to take all measures necessary to prevent this. We do not yet know much about the effects of this virus on children or how many can be infected. But close observation and prevention seem to be the most important. Time is not with us. “

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Four

“People around the world are taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from the Corona Virus. What is needed at the moment is proper preparation based on scientific evidence. “

“Though many are sharing information about this virus and how to defend beside them, little of this information is valued or dependable. Misinformation can spread panic and fear during a health crisis. As a result, people may be left unprotected from the virus or at higher risk of being infected. “

“Such as a misleading online message recently discrete in numerous languages around the world demanding to be connected to UNICEF, among other things, labels that evading ice cream and other cold foods may help prevent the disease. This is, of course, completely untrue. “

“Our simple message to those persons who are creating such deceits are to stop. Trying to establish false authority by sharing misinformation and misusing the name of someone in a confident position is dangerous and wrong. ”

“At our request to the community, exploration for exact information on how to keep you and your family harmless, from confirmed headquarters, for example, UNICEF or WHO, public health officials and trusted healthcare operator. Avoid sharing information from sources that are unreliable or unverified. “

“In today’s information-rich culture, it can be hard to recognize exactly where to go for knowledge on how to keep you and your loved ones harmless. But the kind of precaution we take to protect ourselves and our loved ones, it is very important that we take precautionary measures about the authenticity of the information we share. ”

“Actively allocating accurate information about the UNICEF virus by employed with the World Health Organization, government formations and online partners, for example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to authorize that true information and advice are conventional, and to take actions to inform the public when false information is spread. Is captivating action. “

What is UNICEF doing here for this virus?

A UNICEF shipment to UNICEF arrives in Shanghai in late January to help China prevent the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus and a protective suit for health workers.

The shipment of six metric tons is shipped from UNICEF’s global supply center in Copenhagen and will be shipped to China, China. In the coming days, UNICEF will send more emergency supplies.

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